About Me

I'm an adventurer first and foremost. I play with maps and create races full time and it's fun with my company Destination Trail. I also produce and host a podcast called Humans of Ultraruning. I am an avid trail runner, skier and adventurer. I enjoy using all the tools I can to explore and I love mountain biking, back country skiing, slack lining in addition to trail running which will always be my first love due to its perfect simplicity. Even more importantly, I am a single mom to two amazing girls, and family is always number 1! For as much as I love running adventures, I appreciate and am grateful for my family and the adventure that is being a parent.

I'm here to answer the tough trail running questions like "What makes ultra runners so crazy?"  Or "Why not run 200 miles in the mountains tomorrow?"  Or "How can I challenge and inspire athletes next as a race director?" When I'm not running, writing or causing trouble, I work as a race director organizing and executing a trail race marathon/half marathon series in Washington State as well as the first single loop 200 mile trail race in the USA, the Tahoe 200, and the Bigfoot 200 mile/ 100k/40mi/20mi races, point-to-point trail races in the Cascade Mountains.  My latest adventure event is the 240 mile Moab 240 Endurance Run. I own Destination Trail, LLC, a company that organizes some of the most scenic, challenging and, well, LONG trail races in the USA. I'm also a student of power vinyasa yoga. I like to see the world from many perspectives and I hope my blog helps you see it that way too.

I run for Ultimate Direction and Altra!

I love hearing from you. Please feel free to send me feedback at runcandicerun@gmail.com or comment on my posts. You can also reach me about work related questions at: racedirector@destinationtrailrun.com

Be the mountain: be playful, be wild, be dangerous but never, never be boring.

Running the HURT 100, by Rob Lahoe

Athletic/Professional Highlights

  • 2nd place/8th overall Teanaway 100mi (September 2018)
  • Fastest Known Time on the 95 mile Wonderland Trail in 28hr 45min, Solo/Unsupported (August 2018)
  • 3rd place at Red Devil Challenge 50k (June 2018)
  • 3rd place Capitol Peak 50 mile (April 2018)
  • 3rd place Badger Mountain 50mile (March 2018)


  • 3rd place Ray Miller 50k, (December 2017)
  • 2017: Created the Moab 240, which will debuted in October. See Moab200.com


  • HURT 100, 2nd place female, 2016 Honolulu, Hawaii


  • Ultra Fiord 108mi/173K, 1st place (5th overall) in 37:12, April 16-18, 2015 Patagonia, Chile
  • 2015 Created & executed the first point-to-point 200 miler in the USA, the Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run


  • 2014 Created first non-repetitive 200 mile ultra in the USA, the Tahoe 200 Endurance Run, a single loop 200 mile solo footrace. 
  • Zion 100, 1st place (9th overall) in 23:04, April 4-5, 2014
  • HURT 100, 2nd place, 27:58, 2014


  • HURT 100, 3rd place, 28:35. 8th fastest women's time ever, 2013  
  • Cascade Crest 100, 5th place 24:53


  • Women's FKT for the 95 mile Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.  Unsupported and solo, 2012
  • 2nd place (7th overall) for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 mile endurance run, 2012  Finishing time: 22:50:47
  • 1st female, new course record  Lost Lake 50k, 2012 
  • Silverton 12hr, 2nd place female/3rd overall Silverton, Colorado
  • Woolley Trail Runs 50k 1st female, 5th overall



  • 1st place Washington Ultra Series, 2010
  • Grey Rock 50k 3rd female

Upcoming Events/Adventures
You can find me on the road adventuring in my Toyota truck or on some of the most remote terrain I can find. Skiing, Trail running, mountain biking, adventuring.

Jan 19 HURT 100 in Hawaii
Feb 19 Delirious WEST 200 mile in Australia
April Attempt a Fastest Known Time on the 800 mile Arizona Trail
July 26 Ouray 100 mile Colorado
September 27 The Bear 100 mile